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Anti Smuggling and Customs Security Department

Functions of the Anti-Smuggling and Customs Security Department
1- Develop security plans for all customs departments and zones subject to the Authority’s control, and submit such plans to the president for approval.
2 – Secure and protect customs facilities.
3 – Monitor the entry of the means of transport and goods through the customs ports and ensure that the customs procedures are completed before their departure.
4 – Prepare periodic reports on entry and exit movements and the security situation in the customs department, and submit such reports to the president.
5 – Oversee customs brokers, employees and passengers within the customs department, and ensure their compliance with the established regulations and procedures.
6 – Regulate the movement of vehicles and individuals within the customs department.
7 – Secure and guard the movement of cargo and goods from one customs office to another to ensure their arrival.
8 – Combat violations, customs smuggling crimes and commercial fraud operations, including seizing and preparing a seizure record of the goods subject of the offense, as a prelude to taking legal measures in this regard.
9 – Carry out inspection tours of the customs departments to ensure good workflow, and inspect and examine any goods, means of transport, or an individual, selectively or randomly, after completing the normal customs procedures.
10– Check papers, documents, records, correspondence, commercial contracts and documents of all kinds related to customs operations, and seizing them in cases of suspicion of a breach or an offense of customs smuggling.

To contact the Department
Telephone: 44457216
Fax: 44457024

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