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The Anti-Smuggling and Harmful Practices Department

The Anti-Smuggling and Harmful Practices Department Functions:

  1. Proposing the authority's strategy in combating customs crimes and other crimes related to imported and exported goods within the authority's jurisdiction, and submitting it to the chairman for approval.
  2. Combating customs crimes and other related crimes, including preparing a seizure report for the crime scene goods and confiscating them, both within and outside the customs zones, in accordance with the law.
  3. Managing the intelligence and customs investigation system within the authority, and cooperating with national and international entities to exchange information on smuggling crimes of prohibited and dangerous goods, with the aim of preventing crime and enhancing post-crime investigation efficiency.
  4. Conducting customs patrols throughout the country's territories and carrying out inspection rounds in all places under customs control to investigate any smuggled goods, in accordance with the law.
  5. Conducting inspection tours of customs departments to ensure smooth operation and randomly inspect any goods, mean of transportation, or individuals after completing regular customs procedures.
  6. Reviewing papers, documents, records, correspondence, commercial contracts, and documents of any kind related to customs operations, and seize them in case of suspicion of customs smuggling or tax evasion crimes related to imported and exported goods.
  7. Supervising the implementation of the system for monitoring the physical transportation of currencies or tradable financial instruments, precious metals, gemstones, and combat money laundering and terrorism financing crimes, and coordinate in this regard with the relevant entities.
  8. Supervising the implementation of border measures to protect intellectual property rights by preventing the entry of counterfeit goods or goods that violate intellectual property rights, in accordance with the applicable legislation.
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