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Customs Affairs Department

Functions of the Customs Affairs Department 

1 – Prepare a database of the customs value of different goods, update and circulate the database to customs departments, and conduct studies and research related to the database, in accordance with international agreements.
 2 – Determine the origin of imported goods, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
 3 – Set the additional conditions and prerequisites for application of customs tariffs, and participate in preparing amendments to customs duty rates.
 4 – Follow up on amendments to the harmonized system and interpretations issued by the World Customs Organization.
 5 – Implement the rules and procedures related to licensing of customs clearers, determine the customs departments' needs of brokers, and follow up on all organizational and financial affairs related to brokers.
 6 – Follow-up on procedures related to admission of imported goods into the country according to one of the procedures for suspending fees and re-exportation, and procedures for selling goods by public auction.
 7 – Supervise the free zones, free markets and warehouses, and propose the conditions that must be fulfilled at entry into and exit from such zones, markets and warehouses.
 8 – Take the necessary measures and steps to implement the regulations and recommendations issued by international, Arab and regional organizations concerned with customs affairs to which the state is a member.
 9 – Prepare the necessary reviews regarding existing international treaties and conventions or their projects related to customs affairs, express an opinion on accession to such treaties and conventions, and prepare the necessary reports thereon.
 10 – Maintain regular records of the authorities and goods exempted from customs duties and other taxes according to the laws and regulations in force.
 11 – Issue operating authorization for both customs brokers and customs clearance offices.



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