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Customs Training Center Department

Functions of the Customs Training Center

1 – Prepare the annual training plan for the Authority's employees, based on the training needs identified by the relevant administrative unit.
2 – Prepare training cards for all job titles, and link them with the career path.
3 – Develop and implement specialized internal training programs and courses, and evaluate the benefit from and develop them.
4 – Prepare the necessary training schemes to implement the approved training programs.
5 – Nominate the Authority's staff for courses, training programs and workshops that are held inside or outside the country in accordance with the mechanism established in this concern.
6 – Prepare manuals for the training process that include names of trainers and trainees, applications and means of clarification, and evaluating, developing and maintaining such manuals.
7 – Participate in the implementation of regional training programs approved by the World Customs Organization for employees of the regional customs administrations.
8 – Prepare and implement customs training programs for customs brokers and those interested in both the public and private sectors, in accordance with the needs identified by the relevant administrative unit.
9 –Follow up on employees having scholarships to complete university study and upper intermediate diploma inside and outside the country, prepare reports of the employee's commitment and study progress and submit these reports to the Human Resources Department.



To contact the Center

Telephone: 44457476 – 44457106 - 44457292

Fax: 44416473

E – mail: -

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