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Saed Service

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Financial and Administration Department

Functions of the Finance and Administrative Affairs Department
1- Implement the laws, regulations, and financial and administrative systems related to the Authority's activity.
2- Prepare the Authority's annual budget draft and its final account draft, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
3- Provide the Authority and the various administrative units with their requirements of the supplies and equipment needed to perform their tasks, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
4- Carry out procurement, bidding, and auctions, in accordance with the systems and rules in force in the country.
5- Oversee the execution of credits and auditing of income and expenditure accounts.
6- Receive, classify and record outgoing and incoming mail.
7- Organize the archive of the Authority and archive documents in accordance with the most recent methods.
8- Prepare disbursement vouchers and all other financial transactions. 

9- Take the necessary measures to allocate government housing, and pay the furniture allowance to the authority's employees, in coordination with the competent authorities.
10- Collect fees and charges for services rendered by the authority.
11- Carry out all administrative services activities.
12- Supervise the Authority's stores.

To contact the Department

Telephone: 44457375 – 44457002 - 44457102

Fax: 44457359

E – mail:

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