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Saed Service

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Financial and Administration Department

The Financial and Administrative Affairs Department Functions:

  1. Implementing laws, regulations, financial and administrative systems relevant to the authority's operations.
  2. Preparing the authority's annual budget and final accounts, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  3. Supervising the execution of appropriations, auditing revenue and expenditure accounts.
  4. Preparing payment documents and other financial transactions.
  5. Collecting revenues, fees, and charges for services provided by the authority.
  6. Handling all tasks related to purchasing materials, supplies, furniture, and equipment.
  7. Conducting procurement, tenders, and auctions in accordance with the rules and regulations established in the country.
  8. Providing the authority and its various administrative units with the necessary supplies and equipment to carry out their tasks, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  9. Offering cleaning, hospitality, and other general services, and overseeing their provision.
  10. Formulating maintenance and furnishing plans for the authority's buildings, and ensuring their implementation, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  11. Formulating security and safety plans and overseeing their implementation.
  12. Handling the dispatch, receipt, classification, and registration of outgoing and incoming mail, organizing the authority's archives, preserving documents according to the law and employing the latest methods.
  13. Managing assets and supervising their effective use and utilization, updating the database, and preparing periodic reports on them.
  14. Overseeing the authority's warehouses.
  15. Undertaking all administrative service tasks.​
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