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Hamad International Airport Customs Department

Functions of Hamad International Airport Customs Department 
1- Monitor the movement of passengers through Hamad International Airport, screen them and inspect their luggage, according to the provisions of the law and executive decisions issued in this regard.
2 – Monitor the movement of incoming and outgoing goods accompanying the arriving and departing passengers.
3 – Implement the provisions preventing or restricting the entry or exit of some types of goods accompanying passengers into or out of the country.
4 – Complete the customs procedures for clearing the goods coming with the passengers, which are subject to customs duties, including the examination and valuation of their due customs fees and other fees according to the legislations, and disbursement to the account designated for that purpose.
5 – Combat customs smuggling and illicit commercial activities, including preparing a seizure report and seizure of the goods in violation, as a prelude for legal action.
6 – Monitor the movement of transit passengers.
7 – Oversee the storage of goods in customs warehouses, whether goods abandoned in the airport or seized goods, and following up on legal measures in this connection.
8 – Keep a record of each warehouse showing the movement of goods entering and leaving the warehouse according to the established regulations.
9 – Monitor the movement of currencies, the negotiable financial instruments of the bearer, precious metals or stones, transported in the company of travelers, in accordance with regulations in force in the country and international treaties and conventions related to combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
10– Implement legislation and executive decisions on border measures to be applied on customs entry points to protect goods' intellectual property rights from violation and piracy, in coordination with the Authority's concerned administrative units.

To contact the Department

Department Telephone: 40104615

Administrative Coordinator Telephone: 40105036

Customs Operations Section Telephone: 40102499

Customs Declaration Office Telephone: 40102475​

Department Fax: 44458901 ​

E – mail:

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