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The Customs Department of Hamad Port and Southern Ports

The Customs Department of Hamad Port and Southern Ports Functions:

  1. Monitoring the movement of imported and exported goods through Hamad Port and the Southern Ports.
  2. Monitoring the movement of passengers through Hamad Port and the Southern Ports, inspecting them and examining their belongings in accordance with the laws and regulations governing this matter.
  3. Monitoring the movement of goods and passengers in customs zones at maritime entry points where military bases are located, and taking actions regarding them according to the laws and regulations governing this matter.
  4. Inspecting and examining modes of transportation, goods, and individuals in accordance with the regulations and procedures stipulated in the governing legislations.
  5. Implementing laws related to preventing or restricting the entry or exit of certain types of goods from the country.
  6. Receiving customs transactions for the clearance of goods allowed to enter the country, and completing customs procedures including inspection, determining the customs value, collecting customs duties, fees, and other applicable taxes as authorized by legislation, and depositing them in the designated account.
  7. Supervising the storage of goods, whether abandoned or seized, in customs warehouses, and taking legal actions regarding them after the legal retention period ends.
  8. Combating customs offenses, tax evasion related to imported and exported goods, as well as illegal commercial activities, including confiscating and seizing goods involved in crimes, in preparation to taking legal actions against them.
  9. Supervising the deposit and withdrawal of goods in free zones, warehouses, and free markets.
  10. Monitoring the movement of goods and means of transit transportation, collecting applicable fees, and monitoring them until they exit the country and obligations are settled.
  11. Recording data related to the entry of goods into the country, in accordance with temporary admission status for various purposes, and monitoring them until they are re-exported after the legal period concludes.
  12. Monitoring the movement of currencies or tradable financial instruments held by individuals, as well as precious metals or gemstones, and combating money laundering and terrorist financing in accordance with the established regulations within the country and relevant international agreements and treaties.
  13. Implementing legislation and executive decisions concerning border measures required at customs ports to safeguard intellectual property rights related to goods from infringement and piracy, in coordination with relevant administrative units within the authority.​​

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