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Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department Functions:

  1. Implementing laws, regulations, and systems related to employees affairs.
  2. Creating studies for human resources planning within the authority, identifying the authority's job and employee needs, in coordination with the competent entity and various administrative units.
  3. Preparing a project for job description, classification, and ranking, and monitoring its implementation and development.
  4. Preparing the project for the first chapter's budget, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  5. Carrying out employee performance evaluation procedures.
  6. Performing procedures related to appointment, transfer, secondment, and loaning.
  7. Studying employees' entitlements for leaves in accordance with the law.
  8. Preparing studies related to the organizational structure of the authority and presenting necessary proposals for the development of its administrative organization.
  9. Identifying the training needs of the authority's employees, in coordination with various administrative units, and monitoring their implementation and evaluating their effectiveness.
  10. Taking necessary steps to allocate government housing for the authority's employees and disbursing furniture allowances, in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  11. Developing and updating databases concerning employees' affairs within the authority.​
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