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Human Resources Department

Functions of the Human Resources Department

 1- Implement laws, regulations related to personnel affairs.
 2- Determine the Authority's needs in terms of jobs and employees, in coordination with the various administrative units.
 3- Prepare a draft description, classification, and arrangement of jobs, and follow up on its implementation and development.
 4- Prepare the draft budget, Part I, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.
 5- Implement employee performance appraisal procedures.
 6- Uundertake the procedures of appointment, transfer, delegation and secondment.
 7- Examine employee eligibility for vacations under the law.
 8- Prepare studies related to the Authority's staff structure, and submit the necessary proposals to develop the Authority's administrative organization.
 9- Establish and update the Authority's personnel affairs databases.

To contact the Department

Telephone: 44457452 - 44457440

Fax: 44457357

E – mail:

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