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IT Department

Functions of the Information Technology Department 
1- Prepare plans and policies for using computers in the Authority's activities and follow up on the implementation of such plans and policies.

2- Program, save, retrieve and develop the information and data systems necessary for the Authority's activities. 

3- Provide and maintain electronic devices, software and networks necessary for the Authority's automated work systems, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.

4- Design, operate and manage databases and information of all kinds.

5- Provide the necessary technical support to users of the Authority's electronic networks, and train them in the use of systems and software, and computers and computer accessories.

6- Establish, follow up and update the authority's website on the worldwide web.

7- Set technical specifications for, maintain, operate and train workers on X-ray examination devices, security monitoring and control devices in different customs sites and main entry points.

8- Supervise the technical and communication devices which are television surveillance devices and telecommunications devices between the customs services and different offices.

9- Follow up on technology and technical matters with government agencies specialized in security or communications and follow up the requirements of such agencies.

To contact the Department

Telephone: 44457212

Fax: 44457292

E – mail:

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