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IT Department

The Information Systems Department Functions:

  1. Formulating plans and policies for the use of information systems in the authority's activities and ensuring their implementation.
  2. Programming, storage, retrieval, and development of necessary information systems and data for the authority's activities.
  3. Designing, implementing, and executing an information security system, crisis and electronic incident response plan, and protecting and securing systems, devices, applications, networks, software, and information systems infrastructure.
  4. Developing recovery plans for mitigating the impacts of electronic incidents, either in their occurrence, reduction, or escalation, in accordance with information security policies and guidelines, in coordination with the relevant entity.
  5. Providing and maintaining the necessary hardware, software, and electronic networks for the authority's automated work systems, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  6. Designing, operating, and managing various types of databases and information systems.
  7. Providing necessary technical support to users of electronic networks within the authority, and training them on using systems, software, computer hardware, and peripherals.
  8. Establishing, monitoring, and updating the authority's website on the global information network.
  9. Developing technical specifications, maintaining, operating, and training personnel on X-Ray examination devices and security monitoring and control equipment at different customs sites and main entry points.
  10. Supervising technical devices and communications, including television surveillance equipment and wired and wireless communication devices, between customs departments and their various centers.
  11. Monitoring technical and technological matters in collaboration with the competent government entities in security and communication matters, according to the requirements of each.
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