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Internal Audit Department

Functions of the Internal Audit Department

1- Develop the annual plan draft for auditing the Authority's administrative units, submit the plan to the president for approval, and prepare reports on the findings of the audit.

2- Monitor compliance with the implementation of laws, regulations and decisions related to the activities of the Authority.

3- Control financial documents such as receipt, payment, and journal vouchers, etc. after disbursement.

4- Review financial instructions, propose the necessary amendments, and monitor their implementation.

5- Monitor the procedures for appointing employees, their vacations and promotions, and other matters related to personnel affairs, and verify compliance with the regulating laws, regulations and decisions.

6- Ensure the safety of the property, inventory, furniture, tools, buildings, and other assets owned by the Authority or subject to its supervision.

7- Participate in the stock-taking of the stores contents and other inventory.


To contact the Department

Telephone: 44457437

Fax: 44457326

E – mail:

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