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The Internal Audit Department

The Internal Audit Department functions:

  1. Preparing the annual audit plan based on the Authority's risks, submitting it to the chairman for approval, and preparing reports on the results of the audit.
  2. Monitoring the extent of compliance with the implementation of laws, regulations and decisions regulating the work of the Authority.
  3. Reviewing financial instructions, proposing necessary amendments, and monitoring their implementation.
  4. Monitoring financial and accounting transactions, payment vouchers, and registration procedures in accounting records, and ensuring the application of approved rules in this regard.
  5. Monitoring administrative work and procedures for hiring, leaves, promotions, and other employee-related matters, and verifying compliance with laws, regulations, and organizational decisions in this regard.
  6. Evaluating financial and administrative audit-related risks, and propose measures to mitigate them.
  7. Monitoring the required corrective actions from relevant administrative units based on audit results, and prepare periodic reports about them.
  8. Ensuring the integrity of funds, assets, furniture, tools, buildings, and other entities owned or supervised by the authority.
  9. Participating in regular and surprise inventory checks on warehouses and assets, ensuring accurate record keeping, and validating the implementation of proper procedures.
  10. Monitoring employees' compliance with official dress code, audit identified financial and administrative violations, and preparing audit reports regarding these findings.
  11. Following up on the results of regulatory authorities' reports and providing appropriate recommendations accordingly.

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