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Legal Affairs Department

Functions of the Legal Affairs Department

1- Discuss, study and follow up legal issues related to the Authority's competence, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.

2- Prepare the Authority's draft legislative instruments, and express opinion on the draft laws, regulations, and executive decisions referred to the Department.

3- Give legal advice on the matters referred to the Department.

4- Prepare draft of contracts, agreements and memoranda of understanding related to the competence of the Authority, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.

5- Investigate the facts and violations attributed to the Authority's employees, prepare the necessary notes on the findings of the investigation together with the legal opinion and recommendations, present them to the competent authority, and follow up the implementation of decisions taken in that regard.

6- Conduct the necessary investigations into the violations attributed to the customs brokers and their representatives, and smuggling crimes and customs violations.

7- Follow up on disputes and issues to which the Authority is a party, in coordination with the competent authorities.

8- Oversee the implementation of the system of disclosing currencies or negotiable financial instruments for its bearer, precious metals, or precious stones in customs departments, and coordinate with the competent authorities in this regard.


To contact the Department

Telephone: 44457154

Fax: 44457416

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