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Operations Management & Risk Analysis Department

Functions of the Operations and Risk Analysis Department

1- Oversee the customs clearance system operations and maintain and update software and applications.

2 – Create a database for customs information on all types of imported, exported and transit goods, as well as all parties to the customs process.

3 - Propose marketing plans that support the customs clearance system outreach to the commercial community inside and outside the country and supervise the implementation of these plans, in a manner that ensures public awareness of the benefits of the system.
4 – Provide functional support to customs clearance system clients, including the call center services, and direct technical support to the system operators in customs services, and customer service centers. 

5 – Manage the operations room of the customs clearance system that serves to follow the work cycle of all kinds of data and ensure the quality of the information flow, follow-up the workflow in customs departments through an electronic visual control system, and prepare reports on work progress and performance obstacles.

6 – Prepare lists of goods that are prohibited and restricted to be imported or exported in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislations, and decisions issued by the competent authorities in this regard, and follow up on amendments to such legislations and decisions.

7 – Propose customs procedures for all customs procedures for goods entering into or exiting the country, and work to develop and simplify these procedures and develop the provided customs services.

8 – Identify all kinds of customs risks in order to study and analyze them, and take the necessary measures to monitor and prevent them, and combat them by all available legal means.

9 - Increase awareness of the need to adhere to the regulations, laws and instructions for all customers.

10 - Balance between facilitation and compliance while providing appropriate customs facilities to companies and institutions that are bound by customs procedures.

11 – Set general standards aimed at speeding the completion of customs procedures according to the criteria of selectivity and the customs lane system.

12 – Activate and consolidate partnership and communication between the Authority and the public and private sectors.

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