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The Customs Operations and Risk Management Department

The Customs Operations and Risk Management Department Functions:
  1. Managing and operating the customs clearance system in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  2. Identifying customs risks, studying and analyzing them, and taking necessary actions to detect and prevent them.
  3. Establishing general standards for risks based on international best practices to prevent the entry of hazardous materials and expedite customs procedures for goods, in accordance with selective criteria and the customs clearance system.
  4. Increasing awareness among all stakeholders about the necessity of complying with regulations and laws.
  5. Achieving a balance between facilitation and compliance, while providing appropriate customs facilitation for companies and institutions that adhere to customs procedures under the "Authorized Economic Operator" program.
  6. Activating and strengthening the partnership and communication between the authority and the government and private sectors.
  7. Implementing post-clearance audit on customs data after goods are released by customs departments, preparing reports on any shortages in the collected customs duties, fees, and other taxes authorized for collection by the authority, as well as any violations committed contrary to the provisions of the law.
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