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PR and Communication Department

The Public Relations and Communication Department Functions:

  1. Issuing media newsletters and media programs aimed at introducing the role of the authority, its activities, and its competences, in coordination with the concerned administrative units.
  2. Monitoring and following up on what is published in the newspapers, media outlets, and social media platforms, on topics related to the authority and its competences, presenting them to officials, and preparing appropriate responses, in coordination with the concerned administrative units and competent entities.
  3. Coordinating with the competent administrative units on the preparation of awareness and education plans and programs, and implementing them through various events and activities in coordination with the relevant entities.
  4. Receive the requests and complaints of the reviewers, refer them to the concerned administrative units, and respond to their inquiries.
  5. Making travel arrangements and accommodations for the guests of the authority and visiting delegations, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  6. Organizing cultural, social, and sports activities for the authority's employees, and supervising the celebrations organized or participated in by the authority.
  7. Organizing conferences, seminars, and exhibitions held by the authority, and preparing the necessary budget for that, in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  8. Receiving requests from the elderly and people with disabilities, in coordination with the competent administrative units, to complete their transactions and overcome any problems or difficulties they may face.
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