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The Customs Policies and Procedures Department


The Customs Policies and Procedures Department Functions:

  1. Preparing a database on the customs value of various goods, working to update and circulate it to the customs departments, and conducting studies and research related to it, in accordance with international agreements.
  2. Supervising the application of the rules of origin of imported goods, in accordance with international and regional agreements and relevant legislation.
  3. Propose the introduction or amendment of sub-clauses of the unified customs tariff, and participate in the preparation of amendments to customs duty rates.
  4. Follow up on amendments of the Harmonized System and interpretations issued by the World Customs Organization, in coordination with the concerned administrative unit.
  5. Preparing lists of prohibited and restricted goods for import or export, in accordance with the relevant legislations, and any decisions issued by the competent authorities in this regard, and monitoring the amendments that occur to them.
  6. Proposing customs procedures for all customs situations of goods entering or leaving the country, and working on developing and simplifying these procedures, as well as enhancing the provided customs services, in coordination with the relevant administrative unit.
  7. Proposing guidelines and procedures for the implementation of the pre-clearance program for goods in customs departments, and working on its development.
  8. Proposing guidelines and procedures for the auction sale of goods in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Law referred to.
  9. Issuing activity licenses for customs clearance offices, brokers, and customs representatives.
  10. Implementing the guidelines and procedures related to the customs clearance profession, and identifying the departments' needs for brokers and representatives.
  11. Supervising customs brokers and their representatives in fulfilling their imposed obligations and taking legal actions regarding violations attributed to them in this matter.​


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