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Chairman’s Message

​​​The State of Qatar seeks to achieve sustainable economic development through its various agencies and institutions. The General Authority of Customs plays a prominent role in the security and economic levels for the State of Qatar by applying best practices to improve customs work, implementing systems and procedures to reach the desired level of operations to place the State of Qatar on the world economic map as an active partner in facilitating the movement of world trade, and provide a fully transparent customs environment. ​

To do so, the General Authority of Customs does its best to protect Qatari society and support the national economy, and is dedicated to provide excellent services for importers and exporters, to facilitate trade exchange, to encourage investment, and to assist in strengthening the capacity of national industry to compete in a free global economy. The Authority worked to develop a strategic plan compatible with Qatar Vision 2030, and continues to work to develop customs work to facilitate trade according to best international practices, strengthening customs' relations with international and regional organizations to achieve objectives of economic development. 

As we are aware that the human element is the foundation of any development, the Authority works to habilitate and develop its employees and strives to raise the level of knowledge, professionalism and technical readiness through the development of a training and rehabilitation strategic plan, and follow all recent developments in the customs and administrative field to keep pace with global developments. To achieve the objective of the Authority in facilitating customs procedures and the flow of exports and imports, the Authority has recently launched one of the pilot projects in the country, Qatar Clearance Single Window "AL NADEEB", in cooperation with the Ministry of Communication. 

This vital project will facilitate import and export operations with trading partners and improve the customs working environment in accordance with an electronic system in line with international standards. In terms of achievements of the Authority in fighting anti-smuggling crimes, narcotics and psychotropic substances, Customs' employees have seized intercepted thousands of forbidden shipments involving customs crimes at various customs ports in the country. 

​These crimes ranged from evasion of customs duties, violation of law provisions, executive decisions, attempts to smuggle narcotic materials and psychotropic substances, commercial fraud, and contents which contain piracy in the field of intellectual property rights. International conventions relating to customs work are of great importance in the context of globalization and economic openness, so Qatar is eager to coordinate with international agencies and organizations in order to enhance cooperation in all fields of customs, as well as demonstrate the desire of the State to facilitate the movement of trade and raise the rates of trade exchange with the outside world. 

Also, the State of Qatar is the first country of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to join the Kyoto treaty of October 13, 2009. This agreement aims to simplify and harmonize customs procedures in a manner that is consistent with the standards of the appropriate customs control. 

Qatar, along with GCC countries, seeks to join the Istanbul Convention on Temporary Admission for the purpose of enhancing customs procedures for the temporary admission of goods, conveyances, and vehicles. This adoption of an international instrument will contain uniform provisions and provide several advantages to industry and commerce sectors. The movement of goods with the temporary admission status benefits the citizens and residents of Qatar. 

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that the General Authority of Customs continues to march towards the fulfillment of its achievements through efforts of its employees in various fields of customs inspiring footsteps of success through sound visions of His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar and His Highness' father, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, May God Save Them, to achieve the development goals of the state.


Chairman - ​General Authority of Customs


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