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The Strategy

The General Authority of Customs (GAC)'s strategic plan for (2018 - 2022) is the second strategic plan in which a result-based strategic planning approach has been used. A main strategic result as well as three intermediate ones is to be the basis on which the GAC would proceed with its operations.
Through these main and intermediate results, the GAC seeks to raise the efficiency of goods flow as well as provision of customs services. In addition, it strives to ensure the provision of vital projects requirements and access to an environment that would be attractive for investment, fulfill interests of customers and partners and promote the role of the private sector as a strategic partner in economic development.
In conformity with the Qatar's Second National Development Strategy 2018-2022, the strategic plan covers the period from 2018 to 2022. It includes a set of specific objectives from which projects are derived and it also identifies capacities needed to implement such projects. The strategic plan's projects are distributed over the five years of the plan in line with capabilities, whether available or will be provided to ensure the safety of successful implementation and achieve targeted results.
Throughout the Strategic plan 2018-2022, the GAC seeks to achieve the following results:
-       Provide remarkable customs services to create a stimulating investment climate and to facilitate trade exchange for the purpose of ensuring the goods and merchandise flow to and from the State.
-       Contribute to the success of the efforts exerted to combat terrorist financing and money laundering, in addition to improving Qatar's position in respect of committing to international standards in accordance with the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing risk indexes. The State of Qatar ranked first at the Gulf region level as the State best at committing to international anti-money laundering standards and second at the Arab region level at the Basel Institute on Governance AML Index in 2017.
-       Increase the efficiency of controlling weapons and explosives smuggling and narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
-       Contribute to supplying the State's public treasury.
-       Develop regulatory environment and build customs and institutional capacities.
-       Keep pace with technological progress and become a digital customs authority by 2022.
-       Upgrade Qatar's position in global reports related to the logistical performance indicators (LPI), where Qatar ranked (30) globally and Qatar's GAC ranked (21) in 2016. Additionally, the plan aims at improving Qatar's position in the Doing Business Index issued by the World Bank, where Qatar ranked (83) and Qatar's GAC ranked (90) globally in 2018.
Summary of the strategic plan for the General Authority of Customs

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