Saed Service
Saed Service

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Complains & Enquirers

We in GAC are keen to enhance communication with all those who wish to contact, whether inside or outside Qatar. You can contact us through the following categories:

  • (Kafih)Fight against" Campaign: Participate with us in our national campaign -Kafih- to eliminate customs crimes and offences. This is through helping us by providing information on smuggled or prohibited goods or breaches of the Customs Law such as manipulation in documents, customs invoices, etc.
  • Ask Customs Officer: You can submit your various questions regarding the work and procedures of the Customs related to travelers, cargo, goods, personal import and export as well as other questions of concern to individuals and companies inside or outside the State. We will respond to them through the relevant departments in the Authority.
  • Suggestions: A window to receive all of your suggestions that are taken into consideration.

    If you wish to contact us, please enter the following data with a focus on choosing (category of participation) to ensure that the participation is received by the relevant department:


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