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Part 10 - Customs Agents

  • ​​Article 108

     A customs broker is any legal or natural person engaged in the preparation of the customs declarations; signing and submitting thereof to the Customs Administration and completion of the customs procedures for clearing the goods for the others' account.  

  • ​​Article 109

     Declaration of the goods at the Customs Administration and the completion of customs procedures thereof; whether for importation, exportation or transit, shall be accepted from:
    1- The owners of the goods or their authorized representatives satisfying the requirements prescribed by the Chairman including the authorization conditions.
    2- Licensed customs brokers.  

  • ​​Article 110

     Endorsement of the delivery order for the name of the customs broker or the representatives of the owners of the goods shall be deemed as an authorization for finalization of the customs procedures without any liability on the part of the Customs Administration for delivering the goods to the endorsee.

  • ​​Article 111

     The customs broker shall be held responsible for his acts and those of his employees' vis-à-vis the importers, exporters and the Competent Authority under the provisions herein.

  • ​​Article 112

     The Chairman may issue a decision concerning the following:
    1. Licensing requirements for the customs brokers, the representative of the customs broker, and the customs licensing procedures therefore;
    2. ​Requirements for opening the customs clearance offices;
    3. Obligations of the customs broker and his representative, the number of customs brokers and their representatives authorized to exercise the profession at the Customs Administrations;
    4. Procedures of transfer movement of the representatives of customs brokers among the customs clearance offices;
    5. The Customs Administrations wherein the customs brokers are authorized to work;
    6. Procedures of dispensing with the customs brokers and their representatives;
    7. Procedures of withdrawing the licenses of the customs brokers and their representatives, and cases of license cancellation from the Competent Authority's register.  

  • ​​Article 113

    Subject to the provisions of Article 138 of this law and without prejudice to any civil or criminal liability imposed by this law or any other law, the chairman’s assistant, or his delegate, may impose one of the following penalties on the customs broker and the customs broker representative after conducting the necessary investigation and in proportion to the extent of their violation of the obligations imposed on them:
    1 - Warning.
    2 - A fine not exceeding 5,000 (five thousand) Riyals.
    3 - Suspension from practicing the profession for a period not exceeding two years.
    4 - Revocation of the license and a permanent ban from practicing the profession.
    The concerned party may appeal the decision of the imposed  penalty to the Chairman within 30 (thirty) days from the date of notification, and the Chairman shall decide on the appeal within 30 (thirty) days from the date of its submission. His decision regarding the appeal is final, and failure to decide on the appeal within this period shall be considered an implicit rejection, provided that considering the appeal does not suspend the execution.​

  • ​​Article 114

    The customs broker shall keep five (5) years register wherein he records a summary of the customs transactions he has completed for the account of others according to the conditions stipulated by the Department. This register shall contain the amount of duties paid to the Customs Administration, the fees paid to the broker and any other expenses relating to the transactions. The director or his authorized representative shall have access at any time to these registers records without objection by the broker.  

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