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Part 11 - Rights & Duties of The Authority Officers

Article 115
The Customs Department officers, when performing their duties, shall be deemed as judicial officers within the limits of their competencies. Such officers, when appointed, shall be given identification cards to indicate the nature of their jobs, and to be presented upon request. The Customs officers shall put on the specified official uniform when performing their duties if the nature of their job so requires.  

Article 116
The civil and military authorities and internal security forces shall render to the Authority officers every assistance for the performance of their duties once requested and the Authority shall cooperate with the other official entities.

Article 117
Customs officers, whose nature of job so requires, may be allowed to carry guns. Such officers shall be designated by a resolution of the Chairman​.

Article 118
Any customs officer, whose services are terminated for any reason whatsoever, shall return the items in his custody to his immediate supervisor.

Article 119
The incentives and allowances granted to the customs officers shall be determined by a decision of the Minister based on a proposal from the Chairman according to the nature of their jobs.
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