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Temporary Admission of Heavy Machinery and Equipment (3-5)

Article 3
  1. Heavy machinery and equipment not available in the markets for the completion of projects or the conducting of practical and scientific tests relating to such projects shall be admitted for a period of six months, extendable for a similar period to a maximum of three years, unless the period required for completion of the project is not enough.
  2. For the project to benefit from temporary admission under this bylaw, it shall be a project executed for the benefit of the state or an investment project which requires the admission of such machinery and equipment for its purpose.

Article 4
  1. Spare parts, tyres, batteries and other consumable items in the projects shall not be admitted temporarily.
  2. The type and description of the admitted machinery or equipment shall not be changed before obtaining approval of the customs administration.
  3. The machinery and equipment shall be used only in the project for which they have been admitted

Article 5
The authority requesting temporary admission of the machinery and equipment necessary for completion of its projects shall:
  1. Submit a copy of the contract or agreement with the government for the account of the project being executed.
  2. Arrange for a customs declaration according to the form adopted for temporary admission, and state all information and attach all documents required under the Customs Law. The declaration shall be subject to all customs procedures.
  3. Submit a bank guarantee or cash deposit equal to customs duties payable on the registration date of the customs declaration in accordance with the temporary admission procedure.

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