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Circulars & Executive Decisions

​​​Executive Resolutions:

  1. Exempting goods in some customs situations from being presented to the registration authorities​
  2. The right of diplomatic missions to recover customs duties on vehicles purchased from the local market
  3. Subject: Decree No. (68) for the Year 2023 Regarding an Increase in the Customs Tariff Rate on Certain Categories of Imported Dairy Products
  4. Decision of the Chairman of the General Authority of Customs No. (3) for the year 2023
  5. The Temporary Suspension of Rice Export and Re-Export
  6. Restricting other fresh eggs in favor of the animal resources Department of the Ministry of Municipality
  7. ​Cancellation of the restriction imposed on the Cola acuminata (the guru fruit) in favor of the general directorate of Drug Enforcement 
  8. Exemption of representative missions members from customs duties
  9. Law No. (15) of 2021 amending some provisions of Law No. (34) of 2005 Concerning Free Zones​​​
  10. The period during which the preferential certificate of origin must be submitted
  11. The Minister of Finance’s resolution No. (10) of 2021 regarding the regulations for exempting diplomatic and consular bodies, international organizations, heads and members of the diplomatic and consular corps accredited to the state from selective tax
  12. Guarantees provided by companies joining the approved economic operator program
  13. The application of using the pallets in goods shipments when moving among GCC countries
  14. ​​​Prevent clearance of goods contrary to the provisions of the law No. (4) of 2012 about Qatari flag
  15. A Resolution by the Chairman of the General Authority of Customs No. (3) of 2020 To amend the resolution of General Authority of Customs and Ports (GACP) Director General No. (6) of 2005 To release the goods before paying the customs duties
  16. Resolution of the Chairman of the General Authority of Customs No. (2) for the year 2020 concerning the application of the Customs Declaration System on funds transferred across borders
  17. Mobile prayer rooms
  18. Preventing the entry of livestock without prior import permission from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment
  19. Prohibiting Qatari fishing vessels from journeying to neighboring countries without prior permission from the competent department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment
  20. Cabinet Resolution No. (5) of 2019 on Excise Tax​
  21. Resolution of GAC Chairman No. (8) of 2016
  22. Resolution of GAC Chairman No. (7) of 2016
  23. Law No. (9) of 2019 regarding road transport for hazardous materials
  24. Law No. (8) of 2019 Regulating Road Transport​
  25. List of equipment for air sports
  26. Non-acceptance of direct payment by checks
  27. The Zero Euro banknote
  28. Prohibition of illegal commercial use of symbols and public names in the country
  29. Controls and procedures for importing dual-use fertilizers and soil conditioners​
  30. Protection of National Product​
  31. Prohibiting t​​he import and circulation of high-flare light bulbs
  32. Regulating the import of energy-saving air-conditioners
  33. Restricting entry of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)
  34. Restricting Kola Nuts (Guru fruit)
  35. Circular No. (14) regarding Gabapentin drug
  36. Circular No. (2) of 2019 regarding the prohibition of using the logos of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 without obtaining a prior license
  37. Exporting ferrous materials (scrap) to outside the State of Qatar
  38. Export of goods by shipping companies​
  39. Facilitating customs procedures and reducing required documents
  40. ​Registration of Importers for Excise Tax
  41. Limiting the quantities of tobacco and its derivatives entering with the traveler that are exempt from customs duties
  42. ​Postponing the use of pallets in shipping imported commercial goods into the country​​​​​
  43. Goods and products restricted by the Qatar General Authority for Standardization and Metrology
  44. Goods subject to excise tax
  45. Customs procedures to be followed for the admission of ships, platforms and floating rigs to work in  the territorial waters of the country​
  46. ​Adopting the mechanism proposed by the team concerned with studying the conditions for importing and exporting currencies for financial institutions, in dealing with shipments of currencies registered in the country
  47. Launching the e-freight initiative at the Air cargo and private airports Department​
  48. Procedures for the application of (TIR Carnet)​
  49. A resolution on import controls and procedures for re-exportation
  50. A resolution on the terms and conditions of practicing the profession of customs clearance
  51. A resolution on automobile warehouses
  52. A resolution on customs value instructions for imported goods
  53. A resolution on the withdrawal of goods in emergencies
  54. A resolution on conditions and controls for exempting returned goods
  55. A resolution on releasing the goods before paying the customs duties
  56. A resolution regarding the procedures and rules for authorization and inspection of travelers  travellers baggage and packages
  57. A resolution on warehouses, pallets and trailers
  58. A resolution on conditions and information to be available in the cargo manifest
  59. A resolution regarding unloading and trans-shipment
  60. A resolution on identifying goods subject to high customs duties
  61. A resolution regarding the rules and conditions for the sale of goods by auction
  62. A resolution regarding the instructions on inspecting the goods
  63. A resolution regarding the documents to be attached to the customs declaration​​​​

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