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For Individuals - Importing goods under a personal name

An individual who imports an item personally or through a purchase of a product via the Internet, must verify the type of commodity to ensure that it is not restricted or prohibited, according to the following definitions:

Restricted Goods:

These are the goods whose import or export is restricted under the provisions of the Common Customs Law for the GCC States. Since these types of goods require prior permission from the competent authorities before importing them, the importer should consult these competent government agencies to obtain the necessary permits for the goods to be imported.


Prohibited Goods:

Goods that are imported or exported in the State of Qatar, based on the provisions of the Common Customs Law for the GCC States or any other law, such as:

  • - Immoral items in all their forms (books / magazines / films / floppy disks and the like).
  • - Drugs of all kinds and types.
  • - Weapons, ammunition and explosives of all kinds.
  • - Devices and materials considered to be radioactive sources.
  • - Goods whose manufacture or supply includes a component or part of Israeli products, whatever its percentage.
  • - Alcoholic drinks.

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