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Exemption terms and conditions for Qatari citizens residing abroad and returning to reside in the country

- Household furniture and incoming household appliances must be used before entering the country.

- Personal baggage consisting of clothes and materials that the Qatari citizen brings along with him must be intended for personal use and not for the purpose of trading, and its quantity is appropriate to the ordinary citizen's need.

- Furniture and household appliances include what has been customarily used such as movables, furnishings, electrical and office supplies needed for residence and home use.

- Submitting evidence that the person has resided outside the country for a period of no less than three years.

- The exemption benefits both the Qatari citizen upon his return to permanent residence in the State of Qatar for one time only, whether the furniture is received in his name personally or in the name of his wife or one of his children who is not married and of legal age. Similarly, Qatari diplomats transferred to work within the country or who are permanently returning to the country are included.

- The exemption is granted to the citizen only once, and in the event that the previously exempted beneficiary departs from the country a second time, he may not be granted exemption except after the lapse of at least three years from the date of obtaining the first exemption.

- The concerned party is obliged to provide a statement that includes details about the furniture and household appliances and their quantity received, with the name and signature displayed on it, provided that they are subject to the customs procedures established in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Law and its executive regulations.

- For granting the exemption, the used items, luggage, furniture and household appliances must be returned to the state no later than six months after the date of the person concerned returning from abroad for good. The general manager may consider extending the period for justified and acceptable reasons.

- Baggage and furniture are subject to the prohibition and restriction provisions stipulated in the Customs Law and other legislation. 

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