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Conditions and controls for exemptions for non-Qataris upon first coming to work

Exempted from customs duties are personal luggage and used household appliances that non-Qatari people bring upon their coming to work in the country, according to the following terms and conditions :

- Attaching a letter of recommendation from the employer for which the person is working, in a manner that indicates the nature of the person's work and nationality.

- That the non-Qatari person has obtained a residence permit to work in the country by attaching a copy of his Qatari ID card and showing the name of the agency he works for.

- That the luggage, household appliances, furniture and incoming items are used, and that their quantity is proportional to the ordinary citizen's need and is for personal use and not for the purpose of trade.

- That the person concerned issues a declaration of origin and a copy, including a statement of the luggage and personal items received, the original of the declaration and a copy of it are stamped with the stamp of the customs department, provided that the original is kept in the customs department and the copy is delivered to the person concerned to present it upon leaving the country.

- That the personal belongings and household items used arrive no later than six months from the date the person concerned enters the country.

- Make a pledge not to dispose of the personal purposes, tools, and home furniture included in the declaration within one year from the date of entry into the country. In the event of a violation thereof, the concerned party or the entity responsible for paying customs duties, fees and other taxes due on the disposed items is obligated from what is proven in the declaration submitted to the customs office in addition to the prescribed fines.


General Provisions:

  • This exemption does not apply if the tools and household appliances are new, and the specified customs fees are collected according to the applicable tariff schedules.

This exemption does not include personal cars belonging to the stakeholders, as they are subject to customs duties according to the unified customs tariff schedule.

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