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For Travelers - Materials authorized to enter, exempted from customs duties

​Luggage, personal belongings and gifts that are brought in by passengers, according to the exemption conditions specified below
Conditions for exempting personal belongings and gifts that are brought in by passengers:
- Luggage and gifts must be of a personal nature and in non-commercial quantities.
- The traveler must not be a frequent visitor to the customs office or a proponent of trade for the materials in his possession.
- The luggage and gifts mentioned are subject to the provisions of prohibition and restriction contained in the Customs Law and other legislation.
- Value of one gift must not exceed (3000) riyals.
- The number of cigarettes to which the exemption applies should not exceed (400) four hundred cigarettes, and it can be replaced by (20) cigars, or (300) grams of chopped tobacco for pipes, or (500) grams of raw tobacco, or (2) kilos of Shisha hookah (Muasel), provided that its value does not exceed (3000) three thousand riyals.
In the event that its value exceeds this value or the specified amount, the customs duties will be collected for this increase.

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