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Passengers & Individuals Portal

​​​​​​​​Here, we review important customs procedures for both individuals and travelers dealing with customs departments across the State's outlets, as provided for in the Customs Law and its executive regulation, as well as various executive decisions issued by the General Authority of Customs (GAC).
First: With respect to travelers, procedures imposed on travelers when entering or exiting the State, as well as procedures related to the declaration of items permitted to enter with travelers, other restricted or forbidden items, items exempt from customs duties and other details related to travelers' luggage and bags are clarified. Additionally, customs declarations required to be filled in by travelers carrying cash, checks, metals or precious jewelry with them across the border are identified.
Second: With respect to individuals, mechanisms of importing personal parcels are explained, as well as rules of online purchasing under a personal name, exemption of personal belongings and used household appliances that are received through shipment. Additionally, the section clarifies exemption conditions and controls for Qatari citizens residing abroad and returning to reside in the State, as well as non-Qataris who come to work in the State for the first time, besides other important customs procedures for individuals.

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