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GCC Authorized economic operator


Introduction to the Programme

Working with unified GCC Authorized economic operator  programme will start with 2 phases

  1. The pilot phase: a transitional phase from the (current) national program to the Gulf program, starting from 01/01/2022 to 31/12/2022.
  2. The stage of full implementation: starting from 01/01/2023.

Program definition:

It is a unified program for the authorized economic operator among the Arab Gulf countries (GCC AEO Program).

The program relies on the trust that is built between customs and economic operators working in the supply chain who meet the required conditions, which leads to granting them a number of facilities and benefits in their cross-border trade operations.

The program was developed on the basis of the World Customs Organization standards mentioned within the " Framework for standards  for Security and Facilitation of the Supply Chain in International Trade "SAFE",

The advantages offered by the program:

The program offers several Gulf or national benefits, and the detailed list can be found in the attachments.

1- Gulf advantages:

   - Procedural advantages.

   - Security advantages.

   - Financial advantages.

   - Advantages with regulatory and border authorities.

    - Advantages of a mutual recognition agreement.

   - Other advantages.


2-  National Advantages

The General Authority of Customs in the State of Qatar grants the GCC Authorized economic operator additional local advantages and incentives to facilitate customs transactions for approved companies. These advantages are those approved in the current national program with the possibility of adding other advantages according to the category of accreditation. Click here to view the national benefits​

E-mail of the authorized economic operator:

For program details:

   - The unified guide for the GCC Authorized economic operator program.

   - Application form to join the GCC Authorized economic operator program.

   - Self-evaluation form for the GCC Authorized economic operator program.

   - A list of the advantages offered to the GCC Authorized economic operator in the GCC countries.

   - ​Grievance Controls and procedures for the GCC Authorized econo​mic operator program​​.


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