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Section Two: ​Procedures for importing, exporting and clearing consumer goods (trade - specifications)


  1. ​All member states shall abide by the decision of the Supreme Council in its 23rd session for mutual recognition of the Gulf standard specifications in the GCC countries, and that it be applied at the first points of entry to imported foreign goods bearing the Gulf conformity mark or accompanied by a conformity certificate issued by a recognized authority in countries of the GCC. These goods are transferred between member states without requiring the application of local specifications to them in the member state to which they are moving.

  2. For foreign goods that are imported from outside the GCC countries, and for which there is no Gulf standard or local standard specification,  a recognized conformity certificate with international standard specifications or the specifications of the producing country is accepted in the absence of an international standard for the same. These goods are transferred between Member States without any additional technical measures related to specifications on them in the member state to which they are moving.

  3. Any dispute that may rise between the member states regarding conformity certificates or the Gulf Conformity Marking shall be resolved through the Gulf Committee for Conformity Verification in the GCC Standardization Organization.

  4. The consignments of foodstuffs imported from the outside world that are transported from the first point of entry to the rest of the member states should not be required to take additional measures at the intra-borders of the GCC countries.


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