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Section Three: Standardizing procedures for importing and exporting drug commodities


  1. The Code of Principles of Good Distribution and Storage Practice for Gulf pharmaceuticals and the mechanism for clearing medicines and pharmaceutical preparations through the one port in the GCC countries that have been approved by the Gulf Central Committee for Drug Registration are sufficient to release medicines at the first entry points in the GCC countries, as attached.

  2. Pharmaceutical preparations registered centrally within the framework of the Council are transferred between Member States without the need to take technical measures at the intra-borders.

  3. Procedures for clearance of pharmaceutical preparations that are not centrally registered within the framework of the Council shall be taken at the intra-borders of the Member States, provided that they are not prohibited from importing them at the first point of entry.

  4. Member States shall work to register all pharmaceutical preparations centrally in the GCC countries so that they can be transferred between the member states without technical procedures at the intra-borders.


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