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Customs Facilities

GAC has achieved several achievements lately through its work related to securing the entry of passengers and goods, facilitating trade exchange with the countries, implementing the projects and programmes that varies between developing and enhancing the human, procedural and technical aspects or at the level of cooperation between the customs and other entities inside and outside the country , facilitating the entry of consumer products to meet local market needs, and working with its partners hand in hand to achieve steam lined movement of trade. 
And for the Authority's attention to improve the business environment and shorten customs procedures and facilitate the flow of goods into the country and reduce clearance costs, we offer you these customs facilities:
Development of the Customs Clearance System (ALNADEEB):
Customs has enhanced the services available on Alnadeeb system during the current year through adding a fee refund service, temporary entry service, customer service, electronic and procedural integration with the Public Prosecution, in addition to the possibility of uploading and approving documents of the registration authorities electronically and stopping paper transactions.
The system aimed at unifying the customs procedures and quick transaction processing with other entities related to customs declaration, so that the approvals approved electronically by the system.

Import for the purpose of re-export initiative:
GAC launched import to re-export initiative (pending customs duties), to enable the importers from certain sectors to import goods in purpose to re-export , with  postponing customs duties collecting immediately, to encourage the import to re-export action, increase trade exchange and encourage the investment.

Completing the requirements of ATA Carnet:
The requirements of applying some international customs agreements has been completed ,such as completing the requirements of applying Istanbul agreement on temporary entry in cooperation with Qatar chamber , through inauguration of ATA carnet as a customs document and international guarantee of due customs duties.

Electronic bills of lading initiative:

Electronic bills of lading initiative for the air imported shipment , that GAC has launched at the beginning of this year , electronic bills of lading documents were approved through this initiative and dispensing with paper documents.

Approved Economic Operator Program:
GAC launched the “Approved Economic Operator” program earlier this year and has been promoted as an effective means of developing partnerships and cooperation with the private sector, during which facilities and benefits are granted to parties involved in the supply chain in international trade that demonstrate their compliance internationally with approved terms and conditions.

electronic certificate of origin :
The authority accepts an electronic certificate of origin, whether issued by the chambers of commerce or industry, or the competent authorities in the countries joining the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), or issued by the chambers of commerce or industry or the competent authorities in all countries of the worker provided they are verified by the link in the certificate.

Electronic certification of invoices:
The Authority accepts electronic certification of invoices by the Chambers of Commerce or Industry, or the competent authorities of the countries joining the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), or by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry or the competent authorities of all countries of the worker provided they are verified by the link in the certificate of origin or invoice, In the absence of data or a link, electronic authentication will be rejected

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