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Open Data Policy

The General Authority of Customs seeks to contribute to achieving QNV 2030 in areas of social progress, human development, strong and diversified economy and sustainable environment. The open data policy presented by the GAC will contribute to achieving the State's goals in sustainable national development, namely, to provide public services in an efficient and transparent manner and to build a knowledge-based society by creating an open and transparent culture in which foundations of knowledge are circulated and easily accessible.

Following the open data policy is considered one of the leading practices that reflect the Authority's desire for continuous development by opening up to its customers. This is by providing all the data and information they need transparently, seamlessly and in a manner that enables them to follow-up as well as to give their opinion on the services and activities carried out by GAC. This thereby leads to contribution in creating new opportunities and potential business services that depend on processing, analyzing and examining this data.

This policy aims to present a set of principles that GAC shall adopt when following the open data policy on its (open data) website.

General Specifications for Available Data:
Following open data policies on websites, the Authority is expected to adhere at least to the following principles:

  1. Published data shall cover the services (customs/ administrative) provided by GAC, with an explanation of the costs of each service that would be of value to the stakeholders.
  2. Data and information shall be accessed easily without any obstacles and published in easy read format.
  3. Data shall be published in truncated in “cut-paste" method and downloadable file format. It must be in (downloadable) Excel or (PDF) format.
  4. The website visitors shall be able to express opinion about the published data.
  5. The website user shall be able to know the type and size of the file as well as the time required to download it before starting downloading process.
  6. In the event that the file needs a specialized program to run, the site user should be notified of the same.
  7. All possible interaction platforms with data users shall be made available. Links to electronic platforms where this data is discussed, such as forums, blogs, Facebook pages etc. shall be published.
  8. The open data page shall contain the open data policy giving the user a clear and unambiguous permit to use and distribute the data, etc.

The principles contained in this document represent the minimum requirements for the Authority in pursuing the open data policy with its audience of customers. Commitment to these principles reflects the GAC's seriousness to bring success to this policy and take advantage of its results reflected in increasing trust with customers as well as continuous improvement of its services.


This thereby leads to contribution in creating new opportunities and potential business services that depends on processing, analysis and examining this data.

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