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Public Auctions


Announcement of public auction No.(1/2022)

Toys, wired and wireless devices, air conditioning and ventilation supplies, home furniture and decoration, auto parts, safety and security supplies, fuel, wireless aircraft, health supplies and electrical appliances, electronic scales, surveillance cameras, containers, cars

The Auction Committee of the General Authority of Customs announces an auction for the sale of the above-mentioned goods, in accordance with the following conditions:

Auction catalogue sale priceCatalogue sale dateLast date for inspecting the merchandiseDate and time of sale
300 Q.R

1- Where to sell the catalogue: The General Authority of Customs building in Al-Dafna area (Customer Service Center), first floor.
2- Place of goods and inspection: Land Transport Customs (Sinaiyah Roundabout) Salwa Road from 9 am to 12 pm.
3- Take the auction catalogue from the work team at the Authority's main building in Al-Dafna, after paying the amount shown above (non-refundable).
4- The buyer must pay a deposit of (10%) immediately after awarding in cash or in Qatari riyals or by bank withdrawal (Visa).
5- The buyer must pay the total value of the goods within (24) hours after awarding, and if the buyer delays paying the amount during this period, the auction committee has the right to confiscate the deposit and sell the goods again.
6- A personal inspection permission will be issued after paying the value of the auction catalogue and the auction pass card for one person. Inspection will not be allowed without permission, nor is it allowed to enter the auction without the auction pass card.



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