Saed Service
Saed Service

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Registration Supplier Invitation > Bid Submission >  Awarding Purchase Order > Supply >  Completion Certificate >  Bank Transference

1- Completing the entire registration process at the customs site, and attach all required documents.

2- A notification is sent by e-mail that includes the user name and password, so that the supplier can update the company files.

3- Submitting an electronic bid through the suppliers' account after they receive an invitation to participate via text messages and approved emails.

4- Sending the purchase order to the supplier's account.

5- Supplying or providing the service as agreed.

6- Entering the account of the company and submitting a certificate of completion upon supply or submission of service.

7- A notification is received of confirmation of service receipt.

8- Submitting the invoice through the supplier's account upon receiving notice of the completion certificate.

9- A text message and an e-mail are received for the transfer of the invoice value to the supplier's bank account.

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