Saed Service
Saed Service

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General Provisions

- Provisions of the Tenders and Auctions Regulation Law promulgated by Law No. (24) for the year 2015 and its executive regulations No. (16) for the year 2019 apply to all commercial operations.

- Seller must complete the online registration process by giving a brief summary of his company and its activities so that we can register the company as an approved supplier with us.

- The seller must acknowledge that he is fully aware of the nature of the system and its provisions, as the supplier's use of this system is an express declaration and categorical acceptance of the mentioned terms and conditions.

- The GAC reserves the right to cancel and stop the supplier from using its website or any/all services at any time and in this case, it is not obligated to notify the supplier.

- If a message or document is sent by any means via the system’s network or by using a password by either party, such message/document is to be considered signed and executed by that party, and it is not permissible to disavow any contract or agreement concluded under this document or claim that the document is not approved by that party.

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