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HS User Manual

This copy of the consolidated table for classification and tabulation of commodities of the GCC Sates according to the harmonized system (HS) 2012 version is one of the most recent versions of this table to be issued in the Arabic language. Arabic numerals (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) have been used in place of Hindu numerals. As such, given this change and for the convenience of users of this table, we include the following remarks:
1 -The first field of the table indicating the heading number includes four digits. For example, if the digits are (01.02), (01) represents chapter number, which is constant in each chapter, while (02) represents the heading number. Every two digits of the four will be read separately from Left to right.
2 - The second field of the HS code system consists of eight digits. A space has been left after each two digits for easy reading. These digits represent the following:
- The first and second digits from the left represent the chapter number.
- The third and fourth digits from the left represent the main heading number.
-  The fifth and sixth digits from the left represent the sub-headings. If the sixth digit is (0), the sub-heading begins with one dash (-), and if it is another digit, the sub-heading begins with two dashes (- -).
-  The seventh and eighth digits from the left represent domestic sub-headings. When the eighth digit is (0), domestic sub-heading begins with three dashes (- - -), and when it is another digit, domestic sub-heading begins with four dashes (- - - -).
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